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I'm a bit of a pretentious fuck, but if you can get past that then I'm sure we can get along.
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so this account is like so inactive
yeahhhh I'm contemplating on whether I want to start using LJ for anything in particular, I mean I've sort of moved on from fandom (well, at least in terms of being an active participant) but I still have things I'm doing online and I don't know if LJ would be the right platform for it. Eh.

I'm not letting this account get "purged" though. DERP.

Just beat it. Final Fantasy XIII, that is. You know, that game I've been waiting on for like, three years.

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Rec me some comedians. Stand-up, please. Other mediums are cool, but I watch mainly stand-up.

My all-time favorites are probably Lewis Black, Kathy Griffin and Eddie Izzard, so there's my tastes in a nutshell.

I need the laughs. ;A;

oh hey flist

haven't seen you in

a while

then and now meme
stolen from dragonites

Then: January 2000
Age: 10
Romantic status: None
Occupation: student hurr
Fun night out in: gaming (SNES/Genesis/N64/PS1)
My BFFs: a couple of fellow gamers who loved FF wayyyyy too much.
I spent way too much time: gaming
I spent not enough time: doing anything else
I wanted to be when I grew up: something, anything in the video games industry, particularly a quality assurance tester because I COULD JUST PLAY GAMES ALL DAY AND GET PAID FOR IT WOOOOOOOOT
Biggest concern: people = shit, games = not shit, play games > deal with people's bullshit because peoplesdajhfdfkjgjh.
What my biggest concern should have been: school, obviously. but that shit never works out that well does it
Where did I live: in a dingly little trailer where we got poisoned mountain water and lots of bug/rodent infestations and made us all really sick.
If I could go back now and talk to myself I would say: "You are worth more than any of these fuckheads you had to grow up around will ever be. Never forget that."

Now: January 2010
Age: 20
Romantic status: widowed, just recently beginning to function properly again (1.5 years later woot)
Occupation: college. sup associates. bye monies.
Fun night out in: ...............................gaming (but now it's PS2/3/PSP/PC/DS)
I spend way too much time: gaming/internet
I spend not enough time: school, of course
I want to be when I grow up: linguist, though not sure exactly where to take it. possibly teaching. it's looking more and more prospective by the day.
Biggest concern: how I'm going to make it through the day without the depression making me have a breakdown
What my biggest concern should be: schoolwork, obviously.
Where do I live: in a slightly less dingy trailer with my grandmother and father. pretty much in the same place. but at least we have city water! 8D
Dumbest thing I have done this year: well last year I flipped a car in midday midsummer
What I think I would say to myself in 10 years: "Never stop being you. If you have, then FIND YOURSELF AND FIX IT BECAUSE THIS IS A PROBLEM."
What I think my 10-years-future-self would say to me now: "You'll find love again someday. Don't let go of that little bit of hope."

and people wonder why I never watch TV
okay so I always knew that Glenn Beck was an idiotic bigot who raped and murdered a girl in 1990 never has his facts straight but holy shit, I did not think for a second that even Faux News would allow such a thing to air.


And what's horrible is that this is old news.

this can't be good
Davies: fffffff apparently im so organized i dont know it
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: ?
Davies: like yesterday i put some cards in a deck box wout knowing it and i thought i lost them
Davies: then today i plugged my ipod up wout knowing and thought i lost it
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: I do shit like that all the yime
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: time even
Davies: so i just got up looking for it to charge it only to find it there all along
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: I'm especially prone to do the ipod thing
Davies: yay we are going senile at a young age woohoo
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: hi5~
Davies: at this rate we should hit the nursing home by 30
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: you ever do that thing where you have something in your hand but you forget about it being in your hand so you start looking for it
Davies: why yes, yes i have
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: I do that all the goddamn time
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: esp with pencils
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: oh my god I do that like every other day with a pencil
Davies: i actually do it quite often
Davies: mainly w money
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: OH and headphones
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: I'll be looking for them to put in my ear
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: but they will already be there
Davies: sweet we may hit the home at 25 then
wohdin tಠ益ಠt: fuck yeah

ahahah fml
Things that have happened today, in consecutive order:

*I threw up for the first time in like, 5 years. Yum.

*I got a letter from college informing me that I had been placed on the Dean's list. Which still confuses me.

*I got an e-mail from college informing me that I am not eligible for financial aid this semester, because I am two percent insufficient in my achieved credit hours.

These, all in the first two hours of waking. I feel as though I'm being mocked somehow.

This is going to be a very FML day.
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modern horror stories and such
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In other news, where the fuck did this month drain away to. I look at the calendar and suddenly 2 DAYS TIL XMAS WTF. gj me.

Thinking about going back to a psychiatrist. I really don't, but holy fuck would it be nice to have someone to talk to, or at, again. Openly. Maybe work through this depressive state again.


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